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Renting Disney Vacation Club Points


When it comes to vacation clubs, maybe you aren’t ready to buy into one yet. Maybe you want to test the waters and rent before taking the plunge. Whatever your reason, Disney Vacation Clubs make it easy for you to rent vacation club points, which you can apply towards the stay in one of their exclusive resorts!

A stay in one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts is an unforgettable experience. Disney provides members and guests with access to twelve of their most exclusive resorts, villas, clubs, and spas across the country; including eight Walt Disney World resorts, one Disneyland resort, and three beach resorts including Hawaii, Florida, and South Carolina.

If you are thinking of renting Disney Vacation Club points, read on for more information on how renting works, and to discover some of the exciting benefits that Disney Vacation Club offers.


How it Works

Disney Vacation Club operates on a points-based system, which allows members a chance to stay in a number of different resorts for a specified number of points.

When a member ends up with an excess of points, they have the option of renting those points out. This means that nonmembers who are looking to try the vacation club before they commit to buying, have the option of renting those points.

When it comes to renting Disney Vacation Club points, the process is quite simple. The owner of the Disney Vacation Club points agrees to rent the points out for a set price. Once the points are transferred, you can use them as if they were your own –and enjoy the full Disney experience for yourself.

The amount of points required depends on the season in which the vacation time is selected, as well as the resort of choice.


Benefits of Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

Renting Disney points is a great way to test the waters, and enjoy the full experience without paying the initial buy in fee. It’s a great option if you are undecided on which vacation club you are going to buy into, and gives you the option to try vacation club resorts out before buying.

While buying into Disney Vacation Club allows you to take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to stay in some of Disney’s top resorts and spas, renting also allows you to save. When renting, you are do not have annual dues, and maintenance fees that members are responsible for.

Additional Information

When you rent points – even though you are the one that will be taking the vacation, the owner of the points must book the reservation for you. In the event that you need to make changes to the reservation, you must rely upon the owner of the points to make changes for you since Disney will only talk to the original owner.

While it is possible to ‘rent’ points directly from another member, it is important to note that there is a chance of fraud involved if when renting directly from the owner. For this reason, it is recommended that you rent points from a well-established and reputable vacation club rental company. While it may cost a little extra –it is worth the peace of mind, and you will be able to rest assured knowing that if you need to make changes, you will have a guaranteed point of contact throughout the entire process.