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Renting Shell Vacations Club Points

Shell Vacations Club is committed to providing unrivaled getaways and vacations to their members. Shell Vacations Club members are treated spacious suites, great amenities and more.

Shell Vacations Club provides members access to over 24 popular vacation destinations across North America -including destinations in Hawaii and Mexico. Members can choose from a number of different types of vacations; including ski trips, golfing vacations, metropolis-based getaways –even safaris and theme park vacations. No matter if your ideal trip is a romantic getaway, or an adventure filled ski trip or watersport vacation, Shell Vacations Club has something for everyone.

You don’t have to be a vacation club member to experience many of the exclusive vacation opportunities that club members have. Many vacationers are finding that renting vacation club points allows them exclusive access to the some of the nation’s best resorts, without the commitment of buying.

If you are thinking of renting points in Shell Vacations Club, or are looking for more information, read on to discover some of the exclusive benefits of renting.


How it Works

Shell Vacations Club operates on a points-based system, and offers members a chance to stay in a number of different resorts in exchange for a specified number of points.

Points are used to purchase specific vacation times in various resorts. The amount of points required depends on the season in which the vacation time is selected, as well as the resort of choice.

Renting Points

When a member ends up with an excess of points, they have the option of renting those points out. This means that nonmembers who are looking to try the vacation club before committing to buying, have the option of renting points.

You may be trying Shell Vacations Club out to see if you want to buy into it, or you may be looking to ‘rent’ additional points to extend your vacation. Regardless of the reason –renting vacation points can be a rewarding experience, resulting in a luxurious stay in one of the resorts.

Since Shell Vacations Club operates on a points-based system, when you rent a member’s points, you may be able to apply them to a specific time interval in a certain resort.

Why Rent?

Renting points often works out considerably less expensive than buying. While members are responsible for paying annual dues, and maintenance fees, renters don’t have these responsibilities. When you rent Shell Vacations Club points, you don’t have to worry about paying maintenance fees, or annual fees. You simply have the points to spend in your resort of choice.

Renting Shell Vacations Club points can be a great opportunity to save some money, while still allowing you to experience a stay in one of the club’s top resorts. Trying out a vacation club before buying into it allows you the chance to see if it’s the right vacation club for you, without making any initial commitment.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that the Shell Vacations Club operates on a points-based system, which means that if you rent a member’s points, your best option may be to apply them to a specific time interval in a certain resort where the member has top priority.

While it is possible to rent points directly from the owner, is highly recommended that you go through a well-established and licensed rental company. While it may cost a little extra –it is worth the peace of mind, and you will be able to rest assured knowing that if you have any questions, you will have a guaranteed point of contact throughout the entire process.