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Renting Hilton Grand Vacations Club Points

With almost nine decades of experience, Hilton is a premier vacation option for people who are looking to travel to exotic locations, and stay at exclusive five star rated resorts.

If you are looking to find a vacation club that is right for you, but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a membership, renting Hilton Grand Vacations Club points is an excellent option. Depending on which vacation club rental company you book with –you may even be entitled to the benefits that only Hilton members are privy to, often for less than it would cost to book through the resort. 

If you are looking for information on renting Hilton Grand Vacations Club points, read on to see how you can get started renting points, and discover some of the exciting benefits that renting offers…


How it Works

Since the Hilton Grand Vacations Club operates on a points-based system, members are given access to a number of exclusive resorts, in exchange for a specified number of points.

When a member ends up with an excess of points, they have the option of renting those points out. This means that for nonmembers who are looking to try the vacation club before they commit to buying, have the option of renting points.

Points are used to purchase specific vacation times in various resorts. The amount of points required varies depending on the season in which the vacation time is selected, as well as the resort of choice.

When it comes to renting Hilton Grand Vacations Club points, the process is quite simple. The owner of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club agrees to rent the points for a set price. Once the points are transferred, you can use apply them towards a stay in a resort.


Renting Vs. Buying

When it comes to the Hilton Grand Vacations Club, there are numerous benefits available to members. Gaining access to numerous resorts and clubs around the world –is just one of them. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club is designed to allow members to stay in luxurious places for less than it costs to book directly through the resort. When you rent points, and gain access –oftentimes you are given the same advantages as those who have bought into the clubs, without the annual fees or costs involved with membership.

The difference between renting and buying is that as a member you have access to more benefits. These benefits could include cleaning services, as well as the opportunity to gain additional points that will be beneficial to staying in a more exclusive location. However, renting vacation points can also be beneficial as it offers nonmembers a chance to discover if Hilton Grand Vacations Club is right for them.


Additional Information

Keep in mind that the Hilton Grand Vacations Club operates on a points-based system, which means that if you rent a member’s points, your best option may be to apply them to a specific time interval in a certain resort where the member has top priority.

While it is possible to make the exchange with the owner directly, it is recommended that you go through a reputable and licensed rental agency that will help locate points, and will ensure that your best interests are covered. This also provides you with peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Renting points offers a considerable amount of flexibility, and is an ideal choice for many vacationers. Renting Hilton Grand Vacations Club points is a great way to experience a stay in an exclusive Hilton resort, without the commitment of buying.